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Tribler file sharing client

Tribler is an application which helps you find, share, download, search for pictures, music, videos and so on. In other words its more like a media player integrated within a torrent client. I have tried it out, and frankly, the search and download function is pretty good. The integrated search is quite exhaustive, eg. take a look at the results Tribler came up with when I searched for “Ubuntu” (pic in the screenshots below).

It has Windows, Mac and Linux versions of its software. Here are a few screenshots of the application:

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How to install:

Go to System > Administration > Software Sources. From there go the Other Software tab and then Add the following line:

deb karmic main

(If you need more and simpler information alongwith screenshots about how to add a repository, you should go through the details given here :

Now go to the Terminal (Applications > Terminal) and type the following:

sudo apt-get update

Next type the following in the Terminal:

sudo apt-get install tribler

Thats it. Tribler will be available in the Internet menu.


For experienced users seeking more information about Tribler:
Official page of Tribler:
Launchpad page of Tribler:


Ubuntu One Music Store is now open

The much anticipated Ubuntu One Music Store has now been released for beta testing to the public. You can now test the Ubuntu One Music Store if you’re using the latest beta release of Ubuntu. (To download the latest build check a previous post:

Mind you though that this is a beta release, so things might break.

How to provide feedback:

* Search Launchpad for your issue (

* Report new bugs against the Rhythmbox Ubuntu One Music Store project (In order for the team to capture the most information about your issue, please file a bug by opening a terminal and typing: ubuntu-bug rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store)

* Chat with all beta testers on IRC: #u1msbeta on freenode

Mind you though that this is a beta release and is only for testing purposes right now.


NOTE – For more info on the Ubuntu One Music Store:



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