Explore Ubuntu is over

I am not really good at lengthy non geeky writing, so I’ll try my best to keep this short and hopefully not boring.

Explore Ubuntu started out as a casual blog of mine primarily because I wanted to keep track of the loads of things I learned while using Ubuntu. It was meant to be my personal catalogue of tweaks and tricks. Over time of course, the blog got quite popular and still gets a few hundred hits a day (which is decent for a personal blog).

This was never and never meant to be a professional endeavor. However, to be honest, I found it increasingly difficult to keep track of tweaks post Ubuntu 10.10. I never really was a fan of Unity and once it came out I decided to stick to 10.04, which is actually still supported and in my opinion, the best Ubuntu release till date. So frustrated I was with the subsequent Ubuntu releases that I decided to take the plunge and got rid of my PC which ran Ubuntu and bought a Dell running Windows 7. Now that might seem blasphemous to many, if not all users visiting this blog, but to be honest I have been quite happy with Windows 7. I have always held the view that usability comes first as source code is something very few users will be using. Also, the fact that neither my iPad nor my Android device would update via Ubuntu was a bit of a bummer. (Although I have to admit that my recently discovered love for PC games has much to blame for the transition)

Of late Ubuntu has started getting interesting all over again. Unity has become almost glitch free and integrates reassuringly well with the whole look and feel of the Ubuntu desktop. So will I be going back to Ubuntu? Short answer, not yet. There’s much to be liked about Ubuntu and FOSS needs all the support it can get. But at some point I guess the average user will look at usability and compatibility with other devices. For many this realisation comes after a few months, for others after a few years. But it eventually does bother and irritate everyone.

Final words. I could have actually just shut myself up and stopped writing, however considering the number of  people who have visited the blog, it would seem rude and selfish. My readers (if I can call you that) deserve an explanation. Hence this post.

So when will I be back? Erm…I’m not sure. Not to worry though, this blog and its existing posts will still be up and running. But in the meantime, you can stay in touch via my personal blog.

Thank you for all the love that you have shown over the years. It truly has been humbling.

Best wishes and thank you.


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