Mounting iso images

Unless you are familiar with the terminal (fstab etc.), mounting .iso images can be a bit of a problem. This sort of image mounting is necessary if you have a multi CD game/you need to mount more partitions or drives than the default ones to meet your requirements. Fortunately for us, there are some very useful softwares on the Ubuntu repositories itself for this purpose. I would like to mention my favourite one here – AcetoneISO. (The closest Windows counterpart of this sort of a software is the very famous Daemon Tools, so now you know what I’m talking about)

Given below is a screenshot of AcetoneISO:

As you can see, mounting images is as simple as locating the file and then mounting it. And it creates a separate virtual-drives folder where you can view all its virtual drives and partitions.

How to install:

AcetoneISO is available in the Ubuntu Software Center. Search for it and then install. Couldnt be any easier!



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